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I got my first smartphone in October 2010. I had a great deal, £15pm for 300 minutes, 300 texts, and 500mb of Internet.

The phone is a HTC wildfire. For the first 6 months at least, I absolutely loved it. I couldn’t understand why anybody would pay all that money for an iPhone, when they could have a phone like mine, for just a fraction of the cost.

Then, the problems started. Things had been niggling away at me for a while – the fact that the phone had practically zero internal memory, and that there are very few apps in the android market that can be saved to SD card, started to bother me. My phone kept flashing up warnings telling me that it was getting low on memory, even though I had only a few apps on it.

I was having trouble with the touchscreen. It was laggy and slow, and even now, I have trouble typing on it. The web browser is slow, and very temperamental. I keep having a ‘force close’ message popping up on the screen, but I have no idea what’s force closing! I even restored my phone to factory settings, to see if that would solve the problem. It didn’t.

The android market is fragmented. It must be hard for developers to make apps work for the many different phones that run the android OS, therefore very often, when an app works perfectly on one phone, it is buggy on others.

My 4yo kindly put an apple sticker on my phone, so I could pretend it was an iPhone!

My contract is up for renewal in September this year, and although I am aware that this is many months away, I have already started looking at other phones. Wishing to steer clear of android, and not being a big fan of windows phones, that basically leaves me with 2 choices : iPhone, or Blackberry.

I have an iPod touch (4th generation) and I love it. I do all my social networking on it, surf the net on it, and instagram is turning into a bit of an addiction! The touchscreen is not half as laggy as my phone, and typing is so much easier on it. My 8yo, however, does not want me to get an iPhone. She is worried that that I’ll be on my phone all the time, whereas if I have a blackberry, I won’t, as it’s more like a ‘normal phone’! I can see her point though, I am a bit worried that I might not be able to put it down!!

The thing that worries me about getting an iPhone is the signal strength and the call quality. From reviews I have read, this can be a problem with iPhones. I wouldn’t want to pay all that money for a phone only to find that it drops calls and has poor reception. Also, having another touchscreen phone concerns me – how do you answer an iPhone when it rings? On my phone, you have to swipe the touchscreen to answer a call and the screen often freezes, leaving me unable to answer.

The one and only thing that I don’t like about my iPod is the email. The only way I can get my emails is by checking my inbox, and, much as I don’t like my phone, email is something it does very well, it has push email, notification tones, and a blinking LED light.

This is why I am curious about Blackberry. I know they’ve had a lot of bad press lately, but they are famous for their push email and the thought of being able to push a physical button in order to answer a call, does sound tempting. They are also quite a bit cheaper than iPhones (depending on what model you get) and , I might be wrong, but call quality and signal strength seem to be better with Blackberry. However I do see a lot of people on twitter, complaining about how their Blackberries are not working, which worries me a bit.

I really don’t want to make the wrong decision again – 2 years is a long time with a phone you don’t like. Which phone do you think I should get?

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