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My house is never 100% tidy. With three children, I think it’s impossible!  It has what I call the ‘lived – in look’.  The girls’ toys have completely taken over the house and as there are 5 of us living in a two – bedroom house, as you can imagine, space is hard to find!

 I have this sign hanging in my living room:

I am by no means a slob, I vacuum and dust every day, and when the children are in school, the house is perfectly tidy, but when they’re at home, I don’t think it would be much fun if they were too scared to get their toys out, for fear of being shouted at  for making a mess.  When the floor is full of toys, at least I know they’ve been playing all day and not just sat on the sofa, watching TV!!

So, if you visit my house, take me as you find me – the house may not be spotless, but the kids are happy, and happy kids make a happy mum.


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