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 I started ordering my groceries online with Asda about 3 years ago. I found them good value for money (much cheaper than Tesco), however the frozen items had always started to defrost by the time they arrived, and I learned not to buy fresh meat from them, because it always went bad within a day or two of being delivered.  Several times my shopping arrived late.  The excuse was almost always, “the van delivering your shopping has been in an accident”.  I started to doubt this excuse, after hearing it so many times. 

I remember a time when my shopping was really late (due to ‘an accident’). When the shopping did eventually arrive, because the delivery driver was running late, instead of bringing each crate individually to my door, he tried to bring them all down my path together.  On wheels.  Down steps.  Needless to say, the food went flying all over the garden. The eggs were smashed.  The bread was squashed.  The milk was dented and leaking. It was then that I made the decision not to order from Asda online again.

However, about 18 months later, I found out that they had a new home delivery manager, and that they had restructured the staff, and were committed to providing a high standard of customer service.  So I thought I’d give them another go. I ordered from them a few times and although I still wasnt ordering any fresh meat from them, they seemed OK. Due to still being a bit weary of them, i never went back to ordering weekly with them, and when my husband passed his driving test, I quite liked the novelty of being able to drive to the supermarket and physically do the shopping!  It does take up quite a lot of time though, and with 3 kids in tow, it isn’t cheap, so we returned to ordering online.

Last week, I ordered shopping to be delivered on Friday, between 10-12am.  At 9.30am, I had a phone call from an Asda delivery driver, telling me that my shopping had (wait for it….!) “been in an accident”, and that they weren’t sure when they were going to be able to deliver my shopping!!  I asked if it would be that day, and I was told that they didn’t know, but they would let me know if there was any change (whatever that means?!).  The shopping finally arrived at 12 noon.  The delivery driver was very apologetic, saying that he’d been working since 4am this morning, and that the driver of the van that had the accident had ‘gone home with shock’.  I unloaded all my shopping, signed for it, and he left.  When I looked through the bag containing my frozen food, I realised they’d given me someone else’s!  I went running outside.  Luckiy, the van was still there. The delivery driver apologised and said that it was because he had a new lad working with him, who had only been working there for 4 days.  I took all the frozen food back to the house.  I looked for the milk ( I always put my chilled stuff away first).  It wasn’t there.I was slowly losing my patience by this point.  I went outside AGAIN.  They were still there. I got what was missing (a whole crate full).  To top it all, every single frozen item had started to defrost, and the boxes were all really dented.

I really wanted to give Asda a chance, but when they get things wrong, they REALLY get things wrong.  Think I’ll give online shopping a miss from now on!

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