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Wanted – One BFF

I moved around a bit as a child. I went to 3 different secondary schools. I was a sociable girl, and had lots of friends.

I moved to the town I live in now in 2002. Since moving here, I haven’t really made any close friends. I think as you get older, it gets harder to make friends. You can’t just say to someone, “I like your shoes” and become inseparable within a day (remember those days?!). Friendship takes a lot longer to develop. People have families. Children and work leave people little time for friendship.

I am not the most outgoing of people. I find it hard to make friends with people, as I have been hurt by friends in the past. I do believe that this has held me back in life, and now I really miss the closeness of having a best friend to share things with. Someone you can phone or text at anytime and you know they will be there for you. The company of having someone to go shopping with, someone who will help you try on outfits and genuinely tell you that you shouldn’t wear that dress cos it makes your bum look huge! Someone to go for coffee and a natter with. I have so much time on my hands now that all my girls are in school, it would be lovely to have a best mate. Am I alone in this? Does anyone else find it hard to make friends?


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