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My 8yo just told me a brilliant joke:

A boy was in school when a teacher asked him for his homework, to find out what the first four letters of the alphabet were. He asked his mum “Mum, what’s the first letter of the alphabet?”
“Shut up” the mum replied. The boy went to his dad, who was watching rugby at the time. “Dad, what’s the second letter of the alphabet?”
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” replied Dad.
The boy went into his big sister’s room. At the time she was listening to Michael Jackson. “what’s the third letter of the alphabet?”
“Michael Jackson! Michael jackson!” his sister replied.
He then went into his little brother’s bedroom. His brother was playing with a red lorry and a yellow lorry. “What’s the fourth letter of the alphabet?” he asked him.
“Red lorry, yellow lorry” replied his brother.
The boy goes back to school the next day. “What’s the first letter of the alphabet?” asks his teacher.
“Shut up” the boy replies.
“Do you want to go to the headmaster’s office?” asks the teacher.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” replies the boy.
“Who do you think you are, talking to me like that?” asks the teacher.
“Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson!” replies the boy.
“how do you think you’re going to get through school with that attitude?” asks the teacher.
“Red lorry, yellow lorry!” the boy replies.

Pretty funny for an eight year old! The funniest thing to me was that, before telling me the joke, she said to me, ” mummy, I want to tell you a joke, but it’s got swear words in it, is that ok?”
You can imagine what was going through my mind….! After she had told me the joke, I asked her what the swear words were.

The offending words? “Shut up!” 🙂

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