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Hospital Appointment

My 6 year-old has been having some medical problems. I took her to the G.P back at the end of February/beginning of March, and the G.P referred her to a pediatrician at our local hospital.

The referral letter came through quite quickly. By the end of March we’d had a letter through the post, telling us that she had been put on the waiting list and that an appointment would be sent out in due course.

The night before last, at about 7.10pm, we had a phone call from the hospital. I was caught off-guard by the timing of the phone call, as I was under the impression that the hospital appointment system was usually run during office hours. My husband answered the phone, as i was putting our 3 year-old to bed at the time. I could hear him say, “hang on, I’ll just check with my wife”. He came up the stairs and told me that the hospital were calling to see if I wanted to take our 6 year-old there for an appointment on Monday afternoon, as they’d had a cancellation. I immediately said, “yes”, purely because I’d been caught off-guard, and we’d been waiting so long for the appointment.

After putting our 3 year-old to bed, I had a chat with my husband, and we decided that since our 6 year-old wasn’t displaying any symptoms and hadn’t for a few months, we would cancel the appointment and get her name taken off the waiting list. Yesterday morning, I phoned the hospital and was told that no appointment had been made for me on Monday afternoon!!! When I queried this, I was told that someone from the hospital had phoned us, but that, “whoever had answered the phone” must have said, “no” to the offer of an appointment, and that as the appointment must be filled within 15-20 minutes of them phoning us, it had since been given to someone else! I definitely heard my husband accept the offer of an appointment on the phone.

All i can say is, it’s a good job I did phone up to cancel the appointment, because if I hadn’t, I’d have taken all 3 girls out of school for the afternoon, struggled with them all on the bus (I don’t drive), probably in the rain, only to get there and be told there was no appointment for us!

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